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With Accent Airways is easy to deliver supplies and parts to anywhere in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. You just need to schedule the city or airport to be pickup from and deliver to.

Import or Export must comply with custom process and it is the customer responsibility.  (Accent Airways is not a custom broker).

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1877-62flyAA (35922)

You need to fill out the proper documentation to do your shipment. Go to Document sectiona and download the Cargo Manifest form.
There are some restrictions on weight that may apply.Forward compartment 120 lb maximum with cargo entry no more than 29” w x 18″.Back compartment 120 lb maximum with cargo entry no more than 30” w x 29”.

          • No hazardous Materials

We are not allowed to carry anything deemed Hazardous Materials. Some examples of “HazMat” include; propane, mineral spirits, fireworks, paint, household cleansers, etc. For a list of all “HazMat” please refer to http://hazmat.dot.gov to make sure your package can be delivered.

      • Hidden Shipment Indicators

Cargo and baggage that are offered under a general description might have hazards that are not apparent. The Hazardous Materials Table in 49 CFR Part 172 is not complete, and shippers and passengers may not be aware of this. Some of these consignments have caused incidents that could have seriously endangered the safety of the aircraft and/or its passengers. Accent Airways employees, agents, or contract employees must be alert to these possible hazards. Items found containing a hazardous material need to be shipped in accordance with the 49 CFR/ICAO Technical Instructions.

Click Below to see Hidden Shipment Indicators Chart

Hidden Shipment Indicators



Aircraft Parts/COMAT May indicate the presence of chemicaloxygen generators, flammableliquids/solids, corrosives, compressedgases, radioactive materials in aircraftparts and accessories, or generalcompany materials.
Automobile Parts (car, motor, motorcycle) May contain cellulose paints, wetbatteries, shocks/struts with nitrogen, air bag inflators/air bag modules, etc.
Breathing Apparatus/ SCUBA May indicate compressed air or oxygen cylinders
Bull (or other animal) Semen May involve use of refrigerant (e.g.,Liquid Nitrogen)
Camping Equipment May contain flammable liquids, gas, or solids
Chemicals Often found to be hazardous
Cryogenic (Liquid) Indicates low temperature, lowpressure, or nonpressurized gas such as Argon, Helium, Neon, and Nitrogen
Cylinders May indicate compressed gas
Dental Apparatus May contain hazardous chemicals such as resins or solvents
Electrical Equipment May contain magnetized materials ormercury in switch gear and electrontubes
Electrically Powered May contain wet batteries apparatus(wheelchairs, lawn mowers, golf carts, etc.)
Frozen Fruits, Vegetables May be packed in Dry Ice (SolidCarbon Dioxide)
Household Goods May contain hazardous materials such as paint, aerosols, bleaching powder, etc.
Instruments May conceal barometers, manometers,mercury switches, rectifier tubes,thermometers containing mercury
Laboratory/Testing May contain various hazardouschemicals
Machinery Parts May include hazardous chemicals(adhesives, paints, sealants, solvents,etc.)
Medical Supplies/Equipment (Test Kits) May contain various hazardouschemicals
Pharmaceuticals May contain various hazardouschemicals
Photo Supplies May contain various hazardouschemicals
Refrigerators May contain various hazardouschemicals
Repair Kits May contain various hazardousmaterials (adhesives, solvents, cellulosepaints, organic peroxides, etc.)
Samples for Testing May contain various hazardousmaterials (including infectioussubstances)
Swimming Pool Supplies May contain acid, chlorine
Switches in ElectricalEquipment or Instrument May contain mercury
Tear Gas Dispensers Contains irritating material or peppergas which is forbidden on passengeraircraft
Toys May be made of celluloid or otherflammable material
Tool Boxes May contain Flammable gases, liquids, adhesives, Cleaners, Corrosives, Oxidizers, etc.
Vaccines May be packed in Dry Ice (SolidCarbon Dioxide)

Note 1: Articles which do not fall within the hazardous materials definitions of 49 CFR and which, in the event of leakage, may cause serious cleanup problems or corrosion to aluminum on a long term basis, must be checked by the shipper to at least ensure that the packaging is adequate to prevent leakage during transportation. These may include brine, powdered or liquid dyes, pickled foodstuffs, etc.

Note 2: Magnetized material, as defined in 49 CFR, with a gauss reading of more than 0.00525 is forbidden for air transportation and a package with a reading of 0.00525 or less is not regulated. The ICAO and IATA Regulations regulate magnetized material with a reading between 0.002 gauss and 0.00525 gauss, thus requiring a magnetized material label.

You need to fill out the proper documentation to do your shipment. Go to Document sectiona and download the Cargo Manifest form.


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