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All children are welcome to travel with us. Infants to 2-year-old children do not need a separate seat.

For single (divorced, widowed, or simply married but solo) parents, grandparents, or family friends taking children on vacation, there is an often overlooked planning step that can end a vacation before it begins the permission letter. Immigration agents can deny minor children initial boarding or entry to foreign countries without proper proof of identification and citizenship and a permission letter from absent or non custodial parents. This is why we encourage our passengers to make sure they have the proper documentation when traveling with them.

      1. If the child is traveling with just one parent, then you need a notarized permission form.
      2. Children traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minor, which are children between the ages of 5 and under 16 years. In this case you need the parents’ / guardian consent and notarized approval.
      3. If making an international flight, they need a valid passport and all customs documentation. Refer to International Flights section for more info.


To confirm your flight you need to fill out the proper documentation. Please go to Documents section to download the Consent for minor children to travel form.




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